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Career Politician Mike Gronstal is Elected for the First Time

The year is 1982. Michael Jackson’s Thriller has hit the shelves, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial is in theaters, and Mike Gronstal begins his career living off the taxpayer’s dime. Over the next three decades Gronstal will spend his time in Des Moines raising our taxes and growing government.


Gronstal Votes for Millions in New Taxes

They might not be good for working Iowans, but new taxes are what feed a bloated government. Instead of doing what’s right for us, Gronstal supported a $273.9-million-dollar tax increase. During his time in office not only have our taxes grown out of control, but so has the weight of job killing government regulations. (1992, SF 2034, 1749)


Gronstal Straps Iowa Families with $1.2 Billion in New Debt

At some point Career Politicians’ spending catches up to them. In order to keep up with their out of control spending, Mike Gronstal and other career politicians back the Culver Debt Plan, making hard working Iowans foot the bill. (2009, SF 376, SJ 1250)


Gronstal Supports Millions in Wasteful Spending

Career Politician Mike Gronstal’s frivolous spending has gotten out of control. State infrastructure is crumbling and our schools are struggling, but instead Gronstal decided to spend millions of our tax dollars on flower pots and a trolley for his lobbyist pals.
(2007, HF 911, SJ 1561) (2009, HF 822, SJ 1263 and 2010, SF 2389, SJ 1050)


Isn’t 34 Years Enough?